What Kind of Security do I need at my Storage Facility?

That is a question we see almost every single week from both new-to-the-industry and experienced storage owners, and it’s no surprise. Yet, choosing the best self storage security tools still remains a mystery to many owners looking to take a proactive approach. Technology has improved by leaps and bounds within the last decade, and tools like the new Nokē ONE technology enable owners and storers to bring security all the way down to the unit.

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The type of security features you’ll need for your business will depend heavily on your facility’s layout. The traditional, multi-level, temperature-controlled self storage buildings may be easier to strengthen on the outside, but it is important to ensure that the inside of the building is also secure. Thieves know that more expensive items are more likely to be stored in temperature-controlled units, making them even more enticing.

As an owner of a self storage facility, you’ll want to make sure you have these five basic security tools in place:

  • Entry security (e.g. main gates, sliding doors and office entry)
  • Elevator & stairs access control
  • Unit locks
  • Cameras
  • Intruder alarms

And if you’re looking to take your facility’s security beyond just the bare minimum, or you’re ready to upgrade a few of your basics that may be out of date, we can help. We’ve compiled a list of the hottest high-tech security tools in the industry. When choosing what to include on this list, we focused on security, customer and manager convenience, and marketability.

Check out the full list of self storage technology that is ideal for your facility’s security here.

Remember: your facility’s security is your best marketing tool. With the right tools, you can deter criminals, win more storers, and increase revenue at your storage facility.

Are you ready to enhance the security and convenience at your facility? Learn about Nokē Smart Entry.

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