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Choosing the right products for your self storage facility can seem like a big decision. You want to work with a supplier that provides a high quality product, experience and innovation, and that’s where Janus International Asia comes in.


Our customised solutions are made to maximise your saleable area. A range of product options are also available to best suit your facilities requirements. Durability, quick installation and advanced access control technology is what we believe make our products stand out.

partition systems

Our self-sustaining Partition System is all about maximising saleable area and the efficient division of space.

UNIT Partitions

Durability, quick installation and ease of maintenance characterise our Unit Partitions. Each product integrates to produce a clean, neat appearance that greatly increases the user experience. Our Unit Partitions include the below as standard, customisations are available upon request and we have a range of additional products to choose from.


Tough, secure, attractive and ultra-reliable, these are just some of the words used to describe our door solutions. Complementing our Unit Partitions solution, Janus offers a full line of Roller Doors and Swing Doors in varying sizes for all types of self storage facilities.


A locker option is an excellent product to create smaller storage units, providing you with an extra range of storage sizes to rent to your customers. All our architectural designs of self storage units maximise all available space. By utilising smaller areas and tucking away lockers into unused spaces, your facilities income generating capacity is maximised, building long term value.

Locks & Latches

Our doors can accommodate a variety of locks and latches. These locks can be placed on either side of our self storage doors. These high quality and durable products provide security and a contemporary look and feel.

Access Control Technology

Our Nokē™ Smart Entry System is truly changing the self storage access control game. The Bluetooth electronic lock is cloud-based and designed specifically for the self storage industry. This secure system allows tenants to easily enter your self storage facility and their unit from a smart device.


We deliver a complete end-to-end solution that is a unique combination of a free consultation, design services, manufacture and building self storage. Covering all your self storage operations while providing an all-inclusive service. Janus International Asia will guide you through your self storage journey and support you with after care for your next facility or phase. We are a trusted partner in self storage.

Get in touch

At Janus we believe that every business is unique, whatever your requirement or size of your business, we approach each customer with a dedicated project manager to guide you through your self storage journey. Our team of experienced industry professionals can provide a complete end-to-end solution tailor made for you, so get in touch today for a free consultation and find out more.

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