Locks & Latches

Our doors can accommodate a variety of locks and latches. These locks can be placed on the left‑hand or right‑hand side of our self storage roller doors and swing doors.

tailor-made for the perfect fit

Our locks and latches provide benefits such as minimal corridor intrusion, ergonomic design, sophistication, and style. The lock is set at the optimal height for customer use, making this an easy-to-use system. These high-quality and durable products provide security and a contemporary look and feel.

The Streamline Recessed Latches are perfect if you want a more traditional locking system. All locks allow for a manual overlocking option.

Get in touch

At Janus we believe that every business is unique, whatever your requirement or size of your business, we approach each customer with a dedicated project manager to guide you through your self storage journey. Our team of experienced industry professionals can provide a complete end-to-end solution tailor made for you, so get in touch today for a free consultation and find out more.

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