Lock+Store is a brand that operates across Asia as part of General Storage Company (GSC), an award-winning self storage business.

General Storage Company (GSC) is an award-winning self storage business, winning the Silver and Gold in the Expat Living Readers’ Choice Award 2023 in Singapore and Hong Kong respectively.

Since 2010, GSC has been offering affordable and flexible storage solutions tailored to the specific needs of individuals, families, and businesses under the brand name of Lock+Store in Singapore and Malaysia, and The Store House in Hong Kong.

With 13 sites in Singapore, 2 in Malaysia and 4 in Hong Kong spread throughout the cities, GSC serves a wide range of customers from residential to commercial and even industrial sectors

Lock+Store Self Storage Case Study



Site specifications:

Gross floor area: 720,000 sqft
Number of units: 7,000 units


Products/Services used:

The Challenge:

Self storage partitions and their related outfittings are a huge portion of capital expenditure required for a brand-new setup. The quality and lifespan of these partitions is also a key consideration that is difficult to ascertain. Hence, selection of steel manufacturers with self storage experience and expertise is an age-old problem for the self storage industry.


Janus comes with a track record and understanding of the requirements of a self storage firm. They provide quality and lasting partitions and value-added services such as drafting, customisation and flexible project scheduling to accommodate Lock+Store.


Lock+Store has always been consistent with their requirements in designing the layout and building up. The design team advise the best layout in maximizing the NLA. Along with their expansion through the years, Lock+Store changed their expectations following Janus materials improvement. In fact, most of their facilities’ condition is as good as new.

Customer Testimonial:

"Janus has provided consistent excellence in both quality of their product as well as their customer service, from the genesis of a potential site expansion visit to installation of the final piece of dust cover. Janus has proven to be a reliable, long-term partner for Lock+Store."

- Wei Tao, Country Manager

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